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Proud BBW. Love > Distance
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon.
Stoner. Working. Love cats. NSFW.

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Because mom made my hair beautiful today. Definitely feeling the violet tint.

I make crazy faces when I take tub selfies apparently.

After work. Dabs and dancing.

My eyes are the only thing I don’t want to take off of you.

Bong rips before bed.

Because my boobs looked great and I look high. S

Sometimes when I’m just sitting alone I reflect on how lucky I am to have Seth in my life.

Was hot man. S

After work and pajama dabs. Now Skype with my love.

Frasier and cleavage. D

Selfies for daddy. S

Sometimes after work i dance around.

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12 days then I’ll be in Arizona with Seth butt and this cute piece of mine. P

Crumble so good it makes me mumble.