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Proud BBW. Love > Distance
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon.
Stoner. Working. Cannabis Enthusiast. OMMP. Cat lady to the max. NSFW.

Selfes & shit

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Way late post from when I went to Seattle Hempfest and got burnt as fuck. This is from the next day but I love this braid and I had a fantastic time at Hempfest. Also had a blast at the brunch that I’m dressed up for in this picture, credit goes to mom on my bad ass hair and braid.

After work halodab.

Because mom made my hair beautiful today. Definitely feeling the violet tint.

I make crazy faces when I take tub selfies apparently.

After work. Dabs and dancing.

My eyes are the only thing I don’t want to take off of you.

Bong rips before bed.

Because my boobs looked great and I look high. S

Sometimes when I’m just sitting alone I reflect on how lucky I am to have Seth in my life.

Was hot man. S

After work and pajama dabs. Now Skype with my love.

Frasier and cleavage. D

Selfies for daddy. S

Sometimes after work i dance around.

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