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12 days then I’ll be in Arizona with Seth butt and this cute piece of mine. P

Crumble so good it makes me mumble.

My butt and I when he was visiting.

Watching Frozen, again. 19 more days until I visit Seth butt. #catladyclouds

My favorite skirt to wear on my day off.

Thank God it’s my Friday. I’m exhausted to say the least.

No pants party as soon as I’m home.

The babes is very happy mom has the day off work. Hasn’t moved all day.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidaze! #cat #catlove #catladyforlife #catsofinstagram #furbaby #familytime #holidaze

Best friend lunch and gift exchange with @capella22 #catlove #catladyforlife #nails

#dabberdoodles in the mirror. Now off to @thegreenremedy for some more delicious wax. 

Good morning all. Work time, another long day. 

Butt is making dinner. Enjoy. 

Trying to decide if I want to go out and get more errl @thegreenremedy. Probably, I’m a sucker for conversation with @ladydanknw and the beautiful glass I get to dab on there.